What’s the research mojo all about?
Well, the book rests on the fact that user research isn’t really having the impact that it should be having in most organizations. The book tells you how to fix it so that user research gets to flex its muscles and actually transform your company.

Why is that?
There are a whole bunch of reasons for this, and they can broadly be divided into things that the researcher is responsible for, and things that the company as a whole is responsible for. The book breaks it down for you, and tells you what you and your company should do so that the next research study doesn’t end with a tepid little puff, but creates a powerful impact across the company.

Why should you buy this book? Why? huh, why?
You want to know why? I’ll tell you why. Here’s why –

You’ve never read a research book like this. I can guarantee you that. This book is not afraid to go into areas where most research books are afraid to go. Areas like what’s wrong with your company’s culture, your managers and how they tend to screw things up, and even your personality and how you are often the biggest thing that stands between you and success That’s right. I went there. I called you your own worst enemy. But I don’t stop there. I don’t just diss on your world and call it a day. I talk about how you have the power to change stuff. I give you ideas, recommendations, and even some admonitions. A couple of times, I even tell you to quit your job!

Early readers of the book told me they couldn’t put it down. That’s ‘cuz of all the jokes. And all the cartoons. This is a research books with jokes and cartoons, and from all accounts, you can’t put it down!

It’s out now! Here’s where you can get a copy: Ignite your research mojo on Amazon